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Electronic tickets (Mobile or Print at Home Tickets) generally arrive within 15 to 20 minutes of the purchase. If you have not received an email with your tickets, please call us at (615) 628-9100.

Depending on the venue’s policies, you may be able to get replacement tickets with proof of purchase. You will be asked if you have the order number, the credit card number and any other information that will help us with the proof of purchase. Replacement tickets are generally held at the Box Office and can be picked up on the day of the show. Please make sure to bring your credit card and your photo ID to pick up the replacement tickets.

Tickets should always be treated like cash. Keep them in a safe place, away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. Be sure to store them where they can easily be found again. Tickets are printed on heat-sensitive paper. Any contact with higher temperatures will cause the ticket to darken or turn black, so please keep this in mind when storing. Do not attempt to laminate tickets.

We apologize that you have encountered difficulties with our online service.

Before re-attempting your purchase, we recommend that you check your Order History in the Your Account area. If an order was placed, the order status will appear on the page just after you sign in. If no order appears in your Order History, we recommend that you then re-attempt your purchase.

We apologize that you have encountered difficulties with our service.

First check your email client (i.e. Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) and see if the confirmation message or newsletter was caught in your email spam filter. If so, enable it to receive emails from If the problem persists or you were unable to find your confirmation, please check in your account information to verify that TicketAnnex has the correct email on file. It is also in this area that you can edit or create a new email address for correspondence.

Most organizations that sell tickets via TicketAnnex offer "Will Call" as a delivery option. You can pick your tickets up at the venue prior to the event. Each organization will have its own policy on where and when you can pick up your tickets. Check the organization’s page for specific instructions.

In order to pick up your tickets, you may be required to present a valid photo ID, an order confirmation number, and/or the credit card you used to purchase the tickets.

Before purchasing tickets, carefully review your event and seat selection. Policies set forth by our clients, including venues, teams, and theaters, prohibit TicketAnnex from issuing refunds after a ticket has been purchased.

The venue or the event's promoter determines policies relating to the cancellation of an event. These policies can vary, but generally, such policies provide for a refund of the ticket price. If an event is canceled, we will attempt to contact you and advise you on the venue or promoter's policy for obtaining a refund to that event.

When we issue a refund to you, we will refund the price that you paid for your ticket. Service fees, processing fees and any other fees, such as delivery fees, are not refundable.
Policies regarding postponed events vary by venue/promoter. If an event is postponed, you should contact the venue directly to obtain information about postponed dates of the event and if there is an applicable refund policy.

Organizations that cancel their events will contact you via email or phone. They will give you information on how to exchange your tickets or how you will receive your refund.

Online at
• Buy tickets securely, at your convenience, day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Box Office
• Located at most venues
• Hours of operation may vary

TicketAnnex recommends that you purchase tickets directly through or from the venue's box office.

TicketAnnex does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any third-party reseller (such as brokers or individuals).

TicketAnnex is unable to verify or guarantee the authenticity of tickets which were not purchased directly through an authorized TicketAnnex sales channel (i.e.: TicketAnnex call center, or a
TicketAnnex Ticket Outlet). For this reason, and because we are unable to provide any information regarding ticket purchases to a party other than the cardholder on the order, we do not recommend purchasing tickets from third-party resellers (such as brokers or individuals).

Many of our clients allow you to forward your tickets. For more information on how to forward your tickets

Doors will open to a show, typically an hour prior to the scheduled time for that event. However, every venue has its own policies on when doors open, please visit that venue's section on the website or call the venue for further information or clarification.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit the TicketAnnex Account sign-in page and click on Forgot your password? You will be prompted to enter your email address. You will be emailed a link to change your password.

Please call us immediately so that we can update to the correct information on that order.

Note: Be prepared with the confirmation number from your order and the billing information used when the order was placed.

Yes, you can select an alternate address than your billing address to ship your tickets to. You can add or edit an address in the Your Account area after signing in or click on 'Add or edit an address' on the final Check-Out page.

1. Click on Edit Contact Information and scroll down to the Edit Shipping Addresses area.
2. Select 'Add a new shipping address' in the drop-down menu.
3. Enter the address you would like to add to your profile
4. Then click on 'submit now'
5. Then on the final Check-Out page, you will be able to choose an alternate shipping address from the drop-down menu.
6. The page will then refresh with the address selected and you may proceed with the transaction.

Check the organization’s page to see if they offer special pricing for children.

If you have selected standard mail as your delivery method, then the United States Postal Service will be used. Please allow at least 14 days after your order is made to receive your tickets. If you don't receive your tickets within 2 business days of the event, then please call us at 615-628-9100 for information on how to proceed.

Most organizations will have specific areas set aside for ADA seating. If the organization is selling reserved seats, you can access the ADA seats online. Contact the venue for more information about their ADA seating.

Why is it that sometimes you hear about an event that is supposed to go on sale, but when you call or visit, we don't have that event on sale?
Often, the venue or promoters prefer to wait until all terms about the event are finalized to protect the consumer from being misinformed. We don't release any information until we receive authorization from the promoter or venue; sometimes, this can happen after the media has already begun publicizing the event.

We use a thermal printing process that makes ticket surfaces sensitive to heat. If this happens, contact us as soon as possible so we can verify your order and seat location and attempt to make alternate arrangements for your entry into the event.


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