Gate Control & Access Management

With TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions, ticket validation and gate control are easy to use and manage.

Seating Inventory

  • Using the core seating inventory platform, each ticket produces a barcode, or a selection of barcodes, which delivers a direct link to the database to authenticate and validate a ticket. Gate control professionals then scan each ticket as the customer enters the venue. The scanning equipment will advise the gate control professional with an audible and/or visual indicator advising the ticket’s authenticity status. Once the ticket is scanned, the seat is removed from inventory for the duration of that event.

iOS (Apple), Android Device Capability

  • Need to expand scanning capabilities? No problem! With TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions, an iOS or Android device becomes a dynamic ticket scanner. This feature is perfect for smaller organizations with conservative budgets.
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