Facebook Marketing

If you want your event to be seen, you’ve got to market it effectively. That’s why TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions has made it easy to use the most popular social media platform to market your event and sell tickets faster.

  • Connect with your fan base and discover new fans by providing them with the opportunity to learn and buy with the Facebook platform.
  • Broaden your marketing footprint without increasing your marketing budget.
  • Allow fans to instantly share the event or their purchase with other friends, encouraging faster ticket sales. Friends’ posts include a convenient “Buy Tickets” button.
  • Save traditional marketing dollars using a more cost-effective media outlet.
  • Fully integrated with your TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions seating inventory, there’s no need to allocate seats to this sales channel.
  • Real-time control of your events.
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