Event Ticketing

Our cloud-based platform gives organizations the ability to sell, access inventory, and run reports wherever they are without expensive equipment.

Multi-Channel Sales

  • Effortlessly sell tickets through multiple sales channels including web, box office, mobile, kiosk, and outlet. Events can even be pushed to an organization’s Facebook page, allowing the organization’s patrons to advertise and promote events for them.

Reserved Seating

  • Patrons can select available seats on the web or at a kiosk during the transaction process. If the ticket purchase is made at the box office, the agent can assist the patron in selecting seats. Once the seats are reserved, the system removes the seats from the primary seating inventory for the selected event.

Portable & Mobile Box Office

  • TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions’ cloud-based system lets organizations set up a box office virtually anywhere without having to invest in expensive proprietary hardware.  A PC and broadband connection is all that’s needed to fully operate an event. In addition, box office agents have access to reports, customer data, and available inventory whenever they need it.

Multi-Ticket Types & Custom Designs

  • The TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions’ platform accommodates tiered ticketing, allowing organizations to create several different ticket types (E-Delivery, Will Call, Rush, VIP, etc.).

Packages, Seasons & Loaded Barcodes

  • With TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions, it’s never been easier to create an event package/season. The loaded barcode feature gives organizations even more flexibility by allowing for the creation of flex packs, a series of events chosen by a customer loaded on to one barcode. This feature is great for film festivals who have a lot of showings as it allows them to give customers the ability to easily track which events they have chosen to attend.

Passes, Comps & Vouchers

  • Passes, comps, and vouchers created in the TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions system allow organizations to manage events effortlessly. Simply load the passes into the platform and provide pass recipients with an auto-generated invitation for customers to control their event experience. The pass recipients can then select the events they want to attend, or the organization can decide which events are pre-loaded.

Multi-Tenant Capability

  • TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions’ platform is capable of operating in several different locations. This is perfect for theatres or film festivals that have several different locations to work seamlessly together.
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