Accounting & Reporting

The TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions web-based Accounting and Reporting module covers every department of your organization. From box office and concessions to membership and merchandising, our accounting and reporting feature delivers a comprehensive view of an organization’s health. All from one central location and all in real-time.

Auto-Syndicate Reporting

  • Our reporting module has the necessary tools to provide leadership with accurate, up-to-date information at any given moment. With our auto-syndicate feature, ticketing specialists can choose the reports that matter most to their organization’s leadership and have those reports sent to those individuals or groups automatically.

Real-Time Accounting

  • The TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions reporting feature runs in real-time, delivering box office managers immediate accounting information including credit card settlements, event tickets sold, event occupancy percentages and MORE!

comScore Reporting Onboard

  • With TicketAnnex Agile Ticketing Solutions, comScore reporting can be automatically generated and provided to a distributor, effortlessly keeping your organization in compliance and keeping its distributor happy.
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